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“I am a Sri Lankan who travels around the world and brings videos in Sinhala from those places. As Sri Lanka is an isolated island with no land borders, going abroad is a dream for many of us residents. My aim is to show as much as possible the beauty of the world to those who cannot go, to give knowledge, and to give understanding and knowledge about the places to visit if they go to those countries, even for the few people who go to different countries for different   travel. After traveling to countries around the world, I will work to show you through videos if there is anything that you think may be important to you, such as places, environment, people’s life, food, etc. I hope to visit at least 100 countries.”

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Visa information for Sri Lanka passport

How to choose a suitable country
Which country is suitable if you are going to work or live?
How to go to those countries
What are the barriers to going to the country?
How to overcome it
Why are we not given visas?
How to get visa to countries
What are the essential things to leave the country?
Do’s and don’ts while visiting the country

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Here are the countries to visit easily

Going abroad is a dream of many people in Sri Lanka. There are many people who want to travel or earn more money from work or to live in another country with their family or go to a country outside of Sri Lanka for business purposes.
But it is not as easy as you think because we Sri Lankans who live in an isolated island have many qualifications to go to a foreign country.
The story of your country dream begins from here

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migra ferha malta
lagos sea caves
After Snow
comillas spain
Crossed Border to Italy
Soviet Border
How to come to Italy?

Italy is the country that most Sri Lankans dream of coming to. The Italian dream is also the reason why most people came and got caught by fraudsters and fell into the frying pan. So, here are some things you should know before coming to Italy. A must-see video for everyone. Without knowing these details, there are many people in our society who returned to Sri Lanka or went into exile after losing lakhs of rupees due to various scams.
So, check this out and send it to everyone you know. This video will answer many questions in your mind.

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Lokewate Sudanthaka our YouTube channel, we hope to provide the necessary guidance for those who want to travel the world. Also, if you like to travel but you don’t have the opportunity to do it, it is to give you the opportunity to see it with your own eyes. Contact us if you have any questions about these tours. Meanwhile, we also offer a lot of information about cats in Or post your comments on our YouTube channel. Share for someone else to see. Subscribe and support our channel. Our hope is to visit 100 countries in the near future. Thank you for staying with us. Stay with us further.