Cities in Portugal still have their original charm, and many of the old structures are still standing. Since the late 18th century, Lisbon hasn’t undergone significant alteration. There is minimal pollution and the environment is well-preserved. Azulejos, the painting and glazing of tiles, are among the most well-liked artistic disciplines in Portugal. The blue and white tiles were first used by the Moors, and after the king embraced the method in the 1500s, it spread throughout the nation and is still used by artisans today. A high, dry plateau surrounded and crisscrossed by mountain ranges makes up Spain’s heartland. Rivers that flow to the beaches produce productive farmland. However, the interior of the nation has extreme summer heat and extreme winter cold and dryness. Dry spells are frequent. Galicia and the Bay of Biscay on Spain’s northwest coast are known as “Green Spain” because of the abundance of plants and trees there. The mountains further inland trap rain, which falls frequently. Here, oak and beech trees grow abundantly. The shoreline is broken up by several bays and inlets.

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