Italy is a nation in south-central Europe that sits atop a peninsula jutting far into the Mediterranean Sea. Italy is frequently referred to be a boot-shaped country since it has some of the most diverse and beautiful landscapes on the planet. The Alps, one of the most untamed mountain ranges in the world, are situated at its broad top. The highest points in Italy are located along Mont Blanc, which has a peak in France, and along Monte Rosa, which has a peak in Switzerland. The Po River and the Piedmont can be seen below the Alpine lakes and valleys carved out by glaciers that are visible from the western Alps. The most well-known region in the nation is perhaps Tuscany, which is south of the Cisalpine region. is arguably the most well-known region of the nation. The lofty Apennine Range, which extends from the central Alps and along the length of the nation, widens around Rome to encircle almost the whole width of the Italian peninsula.

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